Plant & Machine Tracking

It has long been recognized that asset tracking plays an important part in engineering plant and heavy equipment security, however many of the wider benefits are seldom explored. Unfortunately the majority of engineering plant and heavy equipment are not remotely monitored, leaving at risk of avoidable failure, fraudulent use, neglect or theft.

Hired equipment can only generate revenue when it is in use, and equipment failure, non-availability, and fraudulent use, are the biggest sources of lost revenue in the industry. Managing these issues and ensuring the maximum up-time of equipment can put unnecessary strain on a company’s engineering resources, especially as equipment is often be moved from site to site without the knowledge of the provider.

Many companies would like to improve the ways in which they manage their plant and equipment, and being able to combine affordable remote monitoring with asset tracking is identified as the most viable way of improving profitability while strengthening customer relationships.?? Assett-track’s  monitoring units can provide validation of usage periods and negate fraudulent use, while monitoring critical equipment functions and automatically reporting problems to managers before they become critical and result in lost revenue.

Location based event driven information gathered from heavy plant can be used to;

    • Ensure Continued Operation …..
    • Minimize Fuel Outages …..
    • Minimize Emergency Repairs ….
    • Increase Utilization …..

Minimize Fraudulent Use …..

  • Reduce Costs …..
  • Increase Profitability …..
  • Improve Customer Service

 The Piccalo HYbrid is perfect for Machine and Plant tracking with up to 1200 gps locations on one battery cycle, in the event of power disconnection and the unit predefined to locate once a day whilst in this state; it will last upto 1200 days

This combined with our Fleet management tracking software; allows for the following applications

  • Flexible RS-232 interface allowing easy integration of external devices.
  • Driver behaviour detection and analysis.
  • Wi-Fi for turning the Piccalo  into a hotspot Wireless Router for tablets or notebooks  to communicate over the internet.
  • Communication to notebooks via USB.
  • Passive RFID via RS-232 interface.
  • Active RFID with RF-Tags.
  • Remote wireless IOs using RF-Tags.
  • Garmin FMI Interface.
  • Built in internal temperature sensor, temperature transmitted with every GPS location.
  • Up to 8 external digital temperature sensors.
  • Battery saving mode – automatically switches to deep sleep mode when the engine is turned off and automatically wakes-up when the engine is turned on or on tilt or vibration.
  • Accurate driven distance.
  • Security alarm on tilt and/or vibration.
  • Tow detection.
  • Accident detection.
  • Theft protection – OTA starter killer.
  • Function rich yet flexible application with simple and friendly user interface configurable locally via USB or over the air (OTA).
  • OTA Firmware upgradable.
  • Security alarm on tilt and/or vibration.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery backup.
  • Event data logger.
  • Built in Geo-fence programmable OTA.
  • OTA diagnostic tools.
  • UBS port for firmware download and configuration.
  • USB port powers the unit during configuration.
  • Panic button.
  • Easily portable with a cigarette plug.
  • Battery level transmitted with every GPS location.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Sends cell based location in addition to GPS.
  • Stores and forwards up to 5000 events and sends them automatically when unit is back in cellular coverage.
  • Voice communication to a preset number.
  • Technical Specifications
  • GSM/GPRS or EDGE/HSPA+ (3G).
  • Frequency bands – Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900/2100MHZ.
  • Enclosure – Flame retardant ABS/PC
  •  Passive RFID.
  • Active RFID using RF- Tags.
  • WIFI for Hotspot Wireless Router.
  • Bluetooth for Voice Communication.
  • Flame rating UL94V-0.
  • Optional  waterproof IP65 enclosure with a blind cover, no LEDs.
  • GPS Technology – SIRF Star IV 48 receiving channels.
  • Dimensions – 4″ x 2.3″ x 1.2″ LWD (100mm x 58mm x 30mm) Additional 0.35″ (9mm) on each side for mounting brackets.
  • Weight : 3.8oz (110g) without the cable.
  • Base Features
  • Digital Inputs – three contact events, two ground sense and one 5VDC – 32VDC positive sense.
  • Analog Inputs – one 0-5VDC.
  • Digital Outputs – two open collector 500mA.
  • Internal analog temperature sensor.
  • Options
  • Expansion module adds:
  • RS-232.
  • Three inputs for a total of six, four ground sense and two positive sense.
  • One analog input for a total of two.
  • Vibration sensor – sensitivity adjustable for automatic security theft alarm.
  • 3D  Accelerometer –reports extreme driving conditions such as sudden acceleration, sudden lane crossing, sharp turns, sudden brakes and tilt detection.
  • Driver identification via I Button (Dallas Key).
  • Up to 8 digital temperature sensors.
  • Internal lithium 1800mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Waterproof IP64 enclosure with a blind cover for trailer and asset tracking.
  • External SMA connectors for cellular and/or GPS antennas.
  • Bluetooth for voice communication.
  • CAN bus
  • Implements ISO-11898 standard physical layers.
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V systems.
  • Operates at speeds of up to 1 Mb/s.

All Alerts are emailed automaticaly as and when the issue occurs



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